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The Museum is an inspirational place where you can listen to stories, carry out experiments, observe historical objects and thus become familiar with topics related to science and technology, belonging to our everyday life. The Museum offers several opportunities: visits in exhibition areas, activities in i. labs and outside the Museum, educational kits, training courses for teachers, workshops and educational projects. Moreover, meetings with scientists and experts, exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, theatre shows and performances, thematic weekends and summer camps.


The Museum proposes temporary exhibitions which tell the story of science and technology and explore the frontiers of scientific research and technological development. Temporary exhibitions are an extension and an enrichment of permanent displays, focusing on topics which belong to our everyday life.


Theatre at the Museum
Science is on stage! Visits with characters in costumes, performances and theatre shows to experience first hand the exciting and amusing story of great scientists and their discoveries.
Music and dance
Art meets Science in the events devoted to music and dance. Shows, concerts and dance performances: a different way to get to know the Museum and its objects.
Shows and festivals
The Museum organizes and contributes to the realization of film festivals and shows.
Summer Camps
A unique opportunity to spend the summer with group activities and interactive labs, thematic games and amusing explorations of historical collections, thus discovering science and technology.
Night at the Museum
Visiting the Museum at night when it is closed and there are no other visitors is an unforgettable adventure. You have the chance the explore its rooms in an unconventional and stimulating way, taking part in narrations of stories and role plays, to discover historical objects and characters.
Workshops for museum professionals
A series of workshops addressed to museum professionals on conservation, restoration and exhibition of material vestiges linked to the history of science, technology and industry.

Minikit - Leonardo for families

An amusing tool to play all together and discover new facts about Leonardo and his brilliant projects.
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