no curves


FROM February 12ST TO March 22TH 2015


From February the 12th to March 15th 2015, NO CURVES, artist and philosopher of the tape, will present, in collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci of Milan, the exhibition EXP(L)ORATION

An ambitious exhibition project, created in accordance with the themes and the collections of the Museum, on which the artist worked for over a year, with more than two dozen works inspired by human exploration, with portraits and quotes that dig into history, literature and cinematography.
There will be "Space Lies" a triptych depicting astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, but also portraits of Amelia Earhart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Vladimirova Tereskova, Vitale Brahmans, Reinhold Messner and Felix Baumgartner.

Over 800 square meters of exhibition, including panels, installations, artistic interventions in some areas of the museum and of the massive Toti submarine.
Four are the major physical and conceptual exhibition areas (earth, water, air and space).
The exhibition is sponsored by leading brands of energy drink, fashion, design and online printing services such as Red Bull, Tatras, Vibram, Tucano and Pixartprinting.
With the ambition of graphically representing the man's soul, in constant motion, through a static tool like tape.
Nowadays, in a world where the unexplored is narrowing day by day, mapped inch by inch by satellites in orbit around the Earth, the man has not yet stopped trying to go beyond his limits. The final frontier is the Cosmos ("Space, the final frontier", as the voice-over repeated at the beginning of every episode of Star Trek), among those same stars that accompanied the man's journey from the beginning.

Exploring the world and what lies beyond it is after all but a way of exploring oneself.
In the year of the EXPO, where the attention of many will go to food, and to eating, No Curves opens 2015 providing food for the soul.

NO CURVES is the pseudonym under which hides one of the most well-known artist specialized in tape-art, i.e. the art of drawing with the adhesive tape: a product mainly employed as working material, becomes in his hands an extraordinary artistic element and a tool to explore a new painting frontier, creating an imaginary world made of fragmented lines and angles that refers to the tradition of the futurism movement and the graphic of the digital art & earliest videogames.
NO CURVES boasts a portfolio of important collaborations with renowned international partners likes Adidas, Converse, Eastpak, Footlocker, Smart-Mercedes, Nike, Piaggio, Rolling Stone Magazine, Sky Arts Tv, Tesa, Tucano, 2K Games, Ubisoft,Vogue.


Via San Vittore 21, Milano

From February 12ST
to March 22TH 2015

The exhibition entrance is included in the Museum entry cost.

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