The Museum holds the most important historical collection in the world of machine models based on the academic interpretation of Da Vinci’s drawings. These were manufactured between 1952 and 1956 and created by a group of reputable scholars through a complex work of interpretation. The collection includes more than 130 models connected to Da Vinci’s different fields of interest: from flight to military engineering, from architecture to work machines.
Today these models represent exceptional tools for the study and scientific dissemination of Da Vinci’s technical-scientific work, besides having a unique educational value. The exceptionality of these models rests not only in their contribution to the comprehension of Da Vinci’s drawings but also, more than 60 years later, in their artistic and museological significance.

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De Divina Proportione

 Machines and instruments 


Inv. 8465
De Divina Proportione

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Popham 1030