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Leonardo da Vinci. Flexible thinking

From April 11 to October 15 2014

Energimuseet, Bjerringbro (Denmark)
The exhibition will focus on the relationship between nature, art, technology and science in the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci: observation of nature and the work of his contemporaries have had a very important role in his studies. Visitors will explore Leonardo’s method of work, characterized by what we would nowadays define as flexible thinking.

The main themes of the exhibition mostly relate to a period fundamental for Leonardo’s education: the years spent in Milano. There, his studies in engineering passed from a practical approach to a more intellectual one. These studies integrated theory with experiment, tradition with innovation and led Leonardo to a new design of technology.

The exhibition presents, in two different buildings of the Energimuseet, 38 historical models and plaster casts built in the ‘50s studying and interpreting Leonardo’s drawings. They are part of the collection of the National Museum of Science and Technology, Milano. The exhibition also displays for interesting interactive models in the workshop area and presents a nature trail in the Museum Park.

Building I
The first room explores key themes illustrating the evolution of Leonardo’s work as engineer during his Milanese years, when he developed his natural philosophy owing to the resources available in this city, passing from artist and practical engineer to a more sophisticated and intellectual status. His approach to the observation of reality is passing from the analysis of single phenomena to the elaboration of general and intellectual theories on nature and life characterized by a transversal and flexible thinking and by a deep assimilation of literature.

Building II
The second room displays in deep Leonardo’s activities as engineer. The years spent in Milan from 1482 to 1499 were fundamental in his training in some of the fields in which he devoted more attention, from military engineering and working machines to hydraulic engineering.

A very important aspect of the exhibition is represented by education programs and activities addressing different audiences, such as school or other organized groups, families and general visitors. Activities will be developed on a range of topics, levels of difficulty and audiences, aiming to engage visitors in a direct experience with two different trails (experimenting machines and the fresco technique).

Leonardo’s nature trail: the fascination of water
The museum’s park will give visitors the opportunity to follow Leonardo’s studies on nature compared to interesting spots, from rivers to the lake, from the water ladder for fishes to the flight of birds, from plants to trees. The trail will be made up of around 8 different spots.

Leonardo da Vinci.
Flexible thinking

From April 11 to October 15 2014
Energimuseet, Bjerringbro (Denmark)

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