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"Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop Caravan 2009" in Japan

The Museum’s director Fiorenzo Galli and a delegation from the Museum were invited to Japan to talk about Leonardo da Vinci and the national and international activity of the Museum connected with his figure.

A unique occasion to look at Leonardo’s talent from another perspective, as well as his contemporaneity for science, technology, education and culture.
An effort to raise awareness about the environment, energy resources, giving new life to the strong link that connects science with nature and art.
The symposium and the workshop took place between Osaka and Kyoto, involving important experts, citizens and students.
The Museum, after organizing an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci within the Milano Design City project in Incheon (South Korea), carries on in this direction with the East, for the present and for the future.

"The world in the last few years was characterized by the fall of walls, the opening of borders, the access to the web for millions of people. On the one hand, a huge amount of information – as never before in history- is now available. On the other, it bombards people in an overbearing manner. New generations, however, seem to be waiting: they wait for answers about the sense and the mysteries of life, they wait for the tools to move and to understand where to go. Real change and deep innovation (as in technology) can originate as a connection of different points of view- even opposite ones – as long as they are able to create a valid, true and solid synthesis. An outcome which is an instrument of comprehension for the past and for the present and, moreover, which can lead the way for the future.
Leonardo da Vinci’s figure and his investigations of nature – starting from air, flight, water mechanics, machinery, military engineering and architecture – are an extraordinary current and contemporary model, in spite them being 400 years “old”. It is mainly through observation that we can understand how to move.
Acting carefully, we can provide a first answer: technique, technology, progress (applied from the corporation system to politics) can respect Nature and the Environment, without any conflict.
But Leonardo goes beyond it: he had e deep, philosophic, we might also call it ontological view. His arguments have a lot in common with the great thoughts of all times, from the Eastern to the ancient Greece’s ones.
Starting from the understanding and the respect for Nature and the Environment: this is the most important way to do it. Mankind is part of Nature, but it is the only species that does not respect it. This is certainly a consequence of free will. However, if human free will is guided towards the right way, it can enable human beings to entail better results than every other living being could ever achieve.“

Fiorenzo Galli
Museum General Director

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