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Leonardo's output is the epitome of that extraordinary period of human history which was the Italian Renaissance, a period of great cultural advances and of great projects. Leonardo's output is the expression of the men and women of the time, of what they felt and did, of the machines they built so that in turn they could build churches, palaces, fortresses; machines for waging war, for work, for the manufacture and trade of all those goods whose availability was of such great importance to the rulers and their courts. However, more importantly, Leonardo's output bears witness to who and what he was - a man who was shaped by the loveliest and most stimulating city of the time, Florence, and who embarked upon his own path of research and drawing up of ideas and plans embracing a multitude of sectors, ranging from hydraulics to mechanics, to flight, to anatomy and to optics... We shall be taking a look at some of the most interesting ideas of all those contained in the over 6,000 Leonardo's folios. Each of these ideas is epitomized by one of the models housed in the Museum's "Leonardo da Vinci" Gallery

War Machines

Flying Machines

Work Machines

Water and Land Machines

Leonardo the Architect