The temporary exhibition “Leonardo Da Vinci Parade” - curated and developed by the Museum - comprises a large selection of fascinating models built in the 1950s through the interpretation of Leonardesque drawings and frescoes by sixteenth century Lombard artists, granted for storage in 1952 by the Pinacoteca di Brera, directed at the time by Fernanda Wittgens.

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The Leonardo i.lab is an educational space where one can get to know more about Leonardo da Vinci’s work method through experimental, hand-on and creative activities. Here art and science are closely connected. Completely renovated in 2018, it is an interactive space, half-way between the Atelier of an artist and the Workshop of an artisan.

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Da Vinci’s Special Weekends

The Museum organizes thematic weekend activities dedicated to Da Vinci as an engineer or to the theme of drawing. These represent opportunities to personally experiment Da vinci’s approach to exploring the world, building new ideas at the border between art, science and technology. And a way to get to know how drawing – in Da Vinci’s hands - became an extremely powerful instrument for understanding the world, breaking barriers and communicating where words fail.

Leonardo 39.

The making of a Myth | 19.01.18 - 24.06.18

A documentary exhibition curated and created by the Museum and based on historical heritage, documents, photos and drawings from its collections.
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Study Day on Leonardo 39


A conference that gathered the main scholars in the field to define with precision the historiographical image of Da Vinci that was created with the legendary 1939 exhibition. Numerous specialists revealed the ideological mechanisms promoted by the Fascist regime in the definition of propagandistic cultural events.