Thirtythree barrel gun

Thirtythree barrel gun

Inv. 412
Interpretation by Giovenale Argan, 1952 - 1953

"On this carriage are 33 fusils, which shoot 11 at a time"

This model of a machine gun consists of 33 small guns lined up in elevens, mounted on a single revolving framework. Once the first row of ammunition has been fired, the gunner can set up the second and the third rows one after the other. The muzzle-loading guns are hinged to the framework in order that they can swing upwards for loading. Once loaded, the barrels are held in position by a metal bar fitted via wooden pins.

The model is based on the drawing:

  • Codex Atlanticus f. 157 r. (1478-1480)
    Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana