Inv. 423
Interpretation by Alberto Mario Soldatini e Vittorio Somenzi, 1952 - 1953

"If a man has a tent of coated linen cloth, 12 braccia per side and 12 braccia high, he can throw himself from any great height without hurting himself"

Leonardo drew this parachute in the form of a quadrangular pyramid, with base and height of about 7 m. The surface of the cloth is starched to render it impermeable to air. The intuition at the basis of this drawing, showing a rapid and efficient stroke, is that air can be compressed, thus offering resistance and support for the body of a bird and consequently also for a flying machine.

The model is based on the drawing:

  • Codex Atlanticus f. 1058 v. (1485)
    Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana