Machine for carving files

Machine for carving files

Inv. 38
Interpretation by Alessandro Siriati, 1952 - 1953

"Way in which files can carve themselves"

The machine is constituted of a base on which a cart runs, connected to an endless screw, which is connected in turn via gears and pinion to a transmission shaft. At one of the extremities of the shaft, a wheel with four teeth engages a pivot, which in turn is connected to a hammer. There is also a sprocket connected to the transmission shaft. A weight connected to the sprocket (not part of the reconstruction, but present in Leonardo’s drawing), falls by gravity to unwrap a cord from the sprocket, causing the transmission shaft to turn. The rotation of the shaft actuates the wheel with four teeth, lifting the hammer and causing it to fall, like a cam wheel. The hammer thus cuts the file. The shaft simultaneously moves the pinion and the toothed wheel connected to the endless screw, moving the cart on which the file is positioned in a manner synchronized with the hammer’s movement.

The model is based on the drawing:

  • Codex Atlanticus f. 24 r. (1480)
    Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana