Mud-digging dredge

Mud-digging dredge

Inv. 12
Interpretation by Luigi Tursini, 1953 - 1956

"The pivot has the convenience of being able to descend the wheel to deepen the water in the marsh"

This type of mud dredge is designed to clean the beds of lagoon canals and locks, and was also drawn by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. It is placed on two boats and has four revolving paddles operated by a crank. The shape of the dredging crates facilitates the falling of the mud in a raft moored between the two boats. The depth of the excavation is regulated by the vertical sliding of the drum on which the paddles are fixed. The dredge moves forward thanks to a mooring cable which coils round the drum as the wheel turns.

The model is based on the drawing:

  • Manuscript E f. 75 v. (1513-1515)
    Paris, Institut de France