esplora e gioca

For children 7 to 11 and their families

Want to know more about Leonardo da Vinci and his ideas?
Come to the Museum and explore the Leonardo Gallery

This activity Minikit is a fun tool. You can use it to play together and learn new and interesting facts about Leonardo and his brilliant projects.

How does it work
With the Minikit go to the Leonardo Gallery (on the first floor of the museum). In the envelope there are eight cards that explain a number of different games and activities. You’ll be challenged to observe Leonardo’s models, draw from life and experiment with ancient measurements. In the Minikit you will also find hints and tips to learn more about Leonardo and to continue with the activities at home.



Ask at the Museum entrance for the promotion Minikit + admission ticket. Otherwise buy the Minikit separately at MUST shop for the full price of 4 euros.


Download a sample activity card.
The cards that you find in the Minikit are very similar, but related to different objects in the gallery and proposing different games.