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The origins


Sempione International Exposition. Guido Ucelli invites to the constitution of an industrial museum.


The Municipality of Milan establishes a commission to set up a “Museum of Art and Industry ” with Guido Ucelli di Nemi at its head.


Guglielmo Marconi, president of the National Research Council, approves the plan developed by the commission that took into account an area of the once Sempione station to host the future museum.


June 29th: the national minister of Education Bottai leads the meeting in which the creation of a promotion committee for the building of the Museum is decided.


The birth of the Foundation


October 10th : the National Museum of Techniques and Industry Foundation is established, the organizers are Guido Ucelli and Arnaldo Salamini.


April 26th: allotment of the once Villata barracks area, which was an Olivetan monastery before, with the projects by Griffini, Portaluppi and Reggiori.


November 15th: transformation of the Foundation in a body corporate with the name National Museum of Science and Techniques.


The Municipality approves the Mayor's proposal to name the Museum after Leonardo da Vinci.


The first years of the Museum


February 15th : official inauguration of the Museum, with the exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci. Also attended by the President of the Council of Ministers Alcide De Gasperi.


Start of the lab activities in the Physics Center and the refresher courses for teachers.


Inauguration of some sections: the Guido Rossi hall, the Prime Movers, the Metallurgy-foundry section.


Mounting of the 'Regina Margherita' steam machine, donated by the Egidio e Pio Gavazzi society from Desio and on display at the entrance of the Museum.


October 18th-25th: Inauguration of the Transports Section.


Inauguration of the room dedicated to music instruments and the photo-and-film section, opening of the Goldsmith's section.




April 12th: inauguration of the Air-transport pavilion with the permanent display of the training ship Ebe, alongside with the Conte Biancamano ship's bridge and other exhibits belonging to the Aviation and the Navy. The event was also attended by the President of the Republic Segni.


August 23rd: death of the predident Guido Ucelli di Nemi.


May 22nd: Prof. Francesco Ogliari is elected to the president of the Museum.


Railway engines and wagons are transported and the Railway Transport Pavilion is set up.


October 17th : exhibition 'The man on the moon', organized by the Nasa, Philips corporation and the aerospace Museum of Washington, with the projection of images concerning the Apollo 11's venture.


September 27th: beginning of the guided visits to the Museum, which would become one of the forms of knowledge dissemination most valued by schools, and which were going to be the starting point for the current interactive labs.


Donation of a lunar rock fragment from the Taurus Littrow Valley, made by the US President Nixon and the President of the Italian Republic Giovanni Leone.




March 5th: inauguration of the new Radio and Television section. The exhibition room is dedicated to the memory of Francesco Vecchiacchi and created with the help of Sip and Sit-Siemens corporations, with the supervision of Alberto Bandini Buti.


Umberto Nobile visits the museum in occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the airship Italia's expedition.


June 11th: 'Leonardo Engineer in Milan Exhibition'.


Temporary exhibition in Amman 'Leonardo da Vinci Technician and Scientist'.

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March and April: Bruno Munari organizes the laboratories at the Museum 'Playing with technology and science', addressed to children.


Roberto De Mattei takes the place of Francesco Ogliari as president of the Museum.


Orazio Curti, who took part in the creation and the development of the Museum together with the engineer Ucelli, becomes its director.


The Ministry of 'University and Scientific Research' issues the 131/90 Law for the dissemination of scientific and technological culture, which brought the first funds for the activities of the Museum and for the Italian scientific Museums in general.


Event organized by the Italian Space Society with Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut.


Creation of the first interactive labs, 3 at the beginning and 13 now.


Exhibition: 'Marconi: a one-century long communication'.

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June: Proposition Manifest by Assolombarda for the transformation of the Museum from public institution to Foundation.


January 20th :The new Board of Directors appoints Carlo Camerana as President.


Creation of the Museum's website www.museoscienza.org.


August: Legislative Decree for the transformation of the Public Law Body into Private Law Association, published in the Official Gazette.

November: Orazio Curti passes away, once Director of the Museum and involved in the birth and development of the Museum since 1953, together with the President Guido Ucelli.


July: Fiorenzo Galli is appointed as General Director.


The Air Transport Pavilion is enriched with the new interactive lab "Beyond the Oceans".


January: President Carlo Camerana passes away.

February 11th: The Board of Directors appoints Carlo Tognoli as President.

February 16th: in occasion of the celebrations for its fiftieth anniversary, the Museum hosts 15 thousand visitors. The new Sala Bifora is opened to the public, and also the working model of the mechanical loom designed by Leonardo in 1495 is rebuilt at the Museum.


January 20th: opening to the public of the new i.lab Colour.

June 17th: opening to the public of the new section Sound.

September 27th: opening to the public of the new section Horology.

October 27th: re-opening of the Sala Cenacolo after the restoration.

December 14th: The Italian President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, awarded the Museum with the 'Medaglia d'oro' (Gold Medal) for merit in the scholastic, cultural and artistic fields.

December 15th: inauguration of the exhibition Synthesis : Giulio Natta and plastics.


January 14th: Michele Perini is appointed as President of the Museum.

August 8th - 14th: The Enrico Toti Submarine is moved to the Museum.

October 26th: opening to the public of the new interactive labs of Genetics, Biotechnologies, Robotics, Telecommunications in the context of the EST Project (Education to Science and Technology).

December 7th: The Enrico Toti Submarine is opened to the public.


February 10th: opening to the public of the new section Plastics and of the new interactive lab Chemistry and Plastics.

April 4th: the documentary-film on DVD realized by the Museum 'Aldilà del mare - Il sottomarino S-506 Enrico Toti e il suo museo' (Beyond the sea- the S-506 Submarine Enrico Toti and its museum) is presented.

April 20th: opening to the public of the new interactive lab dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and of the new Bookshop.

November 25th: opening to the public of the new interactive lab 'Electricity - From the lightning to the microchip'.

December 6th: the book made by the Museum 'Cinquecentosei - La straordinaria avventura del sottomarino Enrico Toti' (Five hundred and six- the extraordinary adventure of the Enrico Toti submarine) is presented.



January 31st: : the new website of the museum www.museoscienza.org, entirely revisited in its structure, its services, its contents and the graphic, goes online.

March 2nd: inauguration of the new Museum's auditorium with the film festival 'Modern Times'.

March 21st: opening to the public of the new Radio broadcasting area, part of the Telecommunications section.

May 4th - July 1st: first edition of 'Video Conversations', international film and documentary festival on art, architecture, music, dance and enterprise.

June 16th: inauguration of the exhibition 'Do you remember? The Museum refreshes your memory', which exhibits objects mostly belonging to the collections of the Museum that cannot be visited; some among them had been seldom or even never exhibited.

July 4th-5th: the Museum took part for the first time in the 'Milanesiana', a group of events with the participation of authors, devoted to literature, music and to the cinema, encouraging the contamination between different arts. The Nobel Prize for Physics Riccardo Giacconi attended.

September 10th: the performance 'Luminare Minus' is held at the museum, in which art, scientific contents and new technologies merge. In occasion of the show, which took place in the context of MITO SettembreMusica, the International Festival of Music, the precious lunar fragment donated to the Museum in 1973 by the US President Nixon and the Italian President of the Republic Giovanni Leone were exhibited.

September 12th - 30th: first edition of Milan's Doc Festival-MiDoc which presents the best of the global output with regard to the films about art, architecture, cinema, theatre, music, dance, sport and enterprise.

October 16th: opening to the public of the new Helicopters Area, devoted to the technological evolution and the functioning of the helicopter.

December 14th: opening to the public of the new Area, Life cycle of products.

The museum holds the 1st place among the most visited ones in Milan and in Lombardy, and the 20th place among the most visited ones in Italy, according to the Italian Touring Club's ranking.

November 6th: inauguration of the exhibition 'Women in Health' with the partnership of O.N.Da – National Observatory for Women's Health.



January 16th: The astronauts of the Esperia STS-120 mission, who reached the International Space Station Shuttle, visit the Museum.

January 25th: A group of members of the Parliament and local administrators visited the Museum and the exhibition 'Women in Health'.

February 7th - 28th: Presentation of the course 'Knowing the Aviation' and the contest 'A Flight with Class' in partnership with the Italian Aviation.

May 26th: press conference for the large campaign of improvements on the buildings and closure of the Museum (June 9th - September 16th ).

June 14th - September 14th: The museum takes part in the international Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain, with an exhibition of historic models from its own collection, which tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci's relationship with water.

July 1st - 8th: the first day of July sees the birth of Museoscienza Radio, the Museum's webradio that broadcasts 24 hours per day, giving voice to the scientists and experts who have met the public of the Museum at conferences, meetings and debates in the last few years. On July 8th Radio Museoscienza Live is on air, the first of a series of live events with the Museum's curators; the audience can interact with them, both via chat or e-mail.

July 14th: presentation conference for the beginning of the restoration of the Red Curtain.

September: Creation of the 'Science for Young Children' Department and Young children's i.lab addressed to children and aimed at discovering new relationships between already known things, at setting imagination free and experimenting through manipulative and sensory activities.

September 16th: conference for the re-opening of the Museum and inauguration of the installation by Patrick Mimran 'Billboard Project: talking about science and technology', an artist that was exhibiting at the Biennale in Venice meanwhile.

September 24th: inauguration of the new areas Telegraph, Telephone and Television in the Telecommunications section.

October: start of CREI, the Research Center in Informal Education, whose objectives are the experimentation and praxis of methods, tools and activities concerning informal education.

October 30th: Inauguration of the new Oil Area.

November 3rd - 8th: second edition of Milano Doc Festival at the Museum.

November 13th: agreement between Milan's town council and Milan's Fair and between Milan's town council and Incheon's Fair for the making of "Milano Design City" in South Korea, a Milanese district that involved all the prominent personalities in the economic, cultural and educational field of Milan such as the National Museum of Science and Technology among the others.

November 19th: inauguration of the exhibition 'Point of view of Arno. Arno Hammacher, photographer – graphic designer'. An itinerary with more than a hundred works; the exhibition provides the public with a global insight of the artist, starting from documents, books and pictures preserved in Lombardy's Picture Archives.

October: beginning of 'Dear Teacher, I am writing to you' the periodical newsletter devoted to the school world.

December: first issue of the Museum's newsletter 'The Museum for you...' that provides information, news, focuses on special topics and events every month.



January 24th: Due to the growing importance of scientific research in the investigations on genetics and biotechnologies, the second i.lab Genetics & Biotechnologies is opened at the Museum. For the occasion, the special guest was the geneticist and philosopher Edoardo Boncinelli.

March 20th: new interactive area at the Museum on rubber. The area, which is comprised of the exhibition spaces concerning production, manufacturing, uses and application of the material, illustrate how this has changed our way of dealing with materials, through historic objects, multimedia positions, audiovisuals and interactive activities.

March 21st: The i.lab 'Beyond the Ocenas' is re-opened, after a re-organization during the previous months.

March 30th: the Museum hosts the conference on climate change 'Keeping a cool head at the time of global warming'. An entire day devoted to climate change, in order to be able to distinguish between facts and effects, data and interpretations, scientific conclusions and ethical positions, changes and catastrophes, global strategies and local actions.

April 9th:inauguration of the new interactive area adhesives, in the Materials Department. It comprises two spaces: an exhibition area, that describes every aspect of adhesives and an active area, with interactive installations, scientific newsflashes and a space devoted to experimentation with the help of the explainers, where the visitor can directly come in contact with adhesives.

June 4th -6th:the Museum hosts a big event, the yearly conference of Ecsite (European Network of Science Centres and Museums), the most important network in the field at European level, which gathers about 430 scientific museums and science centers from 28 different European countries and 22 non-European countries. For three days, 983 professionals from 49 nations were involved in in 75 parallel sessions, meetings and other activities, which marked a fundamental moment in the field of scientific museology and of scientific communication in Italy, in Europe and the world.

June 25th -26th: the Museum and La Milanesiana are partners for the third year, with a new theme in 2009: science. The Museum , partner of Milanesiana, hosts an event with Nicola Cabibbo, President of the Pontificia Accademia delle Scienze and 'moral winner’ of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2008.

July 3rd: Giuliano Urbani is appointed as new President of the Museum. He comes after Michele Perini, in office since January 14th 2005, now designated Counselor (representing the Ministry of Education, University and Research) and Honorary President (an office previously held only by the son of the Museum’s founder Umberto Ucelli di Nemi).

July 6th - 26th: in occasion of the beginning of the G8 in L'Aquila the barracks 'Vincenzo Giudice di Coppito' is inaugurated ,alongside with the exhibition 'The Italian Art of making good things' in which the Museum participates with 3 historic models from the Leonardo collection and four 3D animations.

July 6th - 31st: the Museum offers summer camps for the first time. Five days to spend with group activities and interactive labs, thematic games and amusing explorations of the historical collections, to discover how much science and technology you can find in the pages of a famous story.

September 15th: The first travelling and interactive exhibition of the Museum on Leonardo da Vinci "Leonardo da Vinci - Nature, Art & Science" is inaugurated at Incheon, South Korea, at the presence of the President Napolitano . The exhibition, designed by the Museum in cooperation with Atelier Mendini in the context of Milano Design City, illustrates the close connection between scientific work and Leonardo’s artistic research, reading them in the light of the historical context.

September 26th: Open day of the Museum. The Museum opened its doors to visitors, journalists and teachers with a program of special activities in interactive labs, guided visits in the historic sections, projections and music. The visitors of the Museum were over 3,000. Some of the renowned guests attending the event were Edoardo Boncinelli, Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza, Massimo Duroni, Amalia Ercoli Finzi, Pietro Palella, Piero Scaramucci, Ignazio Tabacco.

October 15th: inauguration of the project 'Leonardo and the building site of Milan's Dome'. A multimedia, a lab pathway and theatre performance tell the visitor about the facts that brought to the construction of Milan’s symbol and Leonardo da Vinci’s role in this enterprise.

October 25th: new edition of 'Make your own opinion' with a special meeting to talk about H1N1 virus. The audience meets Dr. Matteo Moro, hygienist and expert in infectious diseases at San Raffaele Hospital in Milano.

November 5th: inauguration of the Emporium Exhibition - A New Common Sense of Space, works by 27 contemporary artists from China, South Korea and Japan presented through a critical analysis of specific uses and interpretations of the 'contemporary' – its materials, places and representation processes. November 5th : the Museum receives the prize Comunicami - Premio Isimbardi for the Public and Institutional Communication in Milan’s District for he campaign 'Come to the Museum and mind your own business'.

November 17th: The Museum is now on social networks. From this moment onwards, it is possible to follow the Museum also on Facebook and Twitter, another way to stay in touch with the Museum and its important projects.

November 19th: opening of MUST SHOP, the new museum's bookshop where you can purchase books, kits, science games, merchandising and much more. Placed in the restored Olona Pavilion, the new MUST SHOP is the first real window-shop of the Museum on the city.

November 27th - 29th: the General Director and a delegation of the Museum were invited to Japan, to talk about Leonardo da Vinci and the national and international activity of the Museum, with regard to his figure. Symposium and workshop take place between Osaka and Kyoto, involving important experts, citizens and students.

December 1st: the Museum hosts the conference 'Where are the Poles going? Adventure, exploration and environment fifty years after the Antarctic Treaty' an event promoted by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Milan to discuss about adventure, exploration and environment 50 years after the Antarctic Treaty. For the occasion, a special live program is broadcast on Museoscienza Radio, with Ignazio Tabacco geophysicist at Milan’s University and member of the Antartide Project , as a guest.

December 7th: in the occasion of the third centenary of the invention of the Arithmetic Machine by Giovanni Poleni, the Museum hosts an event with a spectacular demonstration of how the model preserved at the Museum works. During the event the machine was able to calculate the product of 427x34 without any difficulty.

December 10th – January 10th 2010: the Museum is scientific partner of the exhibition 'Guglielmo Marconi Nobel Prize, 1909-2009' dedicated to the Nobel Prize, which took place in Bologna.



January 26th: the Chief Executive Officer of Expo 2015 S.p.A., Lucio Stanca and the President of the Museum, Giuliano Urbani, signed the convention that ratifies the cooperation for the universal exhibition. The convention envisages the development of educational and cultural projects aimed at developing technical-scientific topics for the lay public, related to the theme Expo 'Feeding the planet, Energy for life'.

February 13th : the new i.lab Nutrition, a new area where visitors can discover through experimentation what hides behind our food, and they also have the chance to find the answers to numerous questions on the topic "Feeding the planet, Energy for life" protagonist of the Expo 2015. read more

February 21st: end of the exhibition "Body, automation, robot. From art, through science to technology" in Lugano, in which the Museum took part with six historic models of Leonardesque machines.

March 3rd: creation of the Nanotechnology Area at the Museum, a real lab where visitors can follow researchers at work and pose questions to discover the world of nanotechnologies, also with the help of nanoproducts, interactive exhibits, audiovisual installations and educational activities. read more

March 13th -14th: the fragment of lunar rock from the Apollo 17 mission is exhibited at the Museum to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Sidereus Nuncius, Galileo’s work that revolutionized our conception of the Universe. For the occasion, a reproduction of the most remarkable pages from the Sidereus Nuncius is exhibited, activities in the interactive labs and meetings with the curator of the Astronomy Section are organized.

April 12th: the Museum's website undergoes a renovation: the homepage is newly designed, it becomes multimedial and it is now possible to personalize it. Another big event is the creation of the new "Focus" section, in which visitors can find in-depth analysis of the contents, made available by Museoscienza.org, gathered and ordered as well as sorted according to the topic or the kind of language (video, audio, documents, online experiences).

May 12th: The conference "School and Food" is held at the Museum, in which there is the presentation of the program that aims to spread food education in schools, as a transversal and interdisciplinary subject. The day consisted of different moments: from the institutional greetings to the signature of a protocol on the topic, from the presentation of pilot projects, witnesses and interviews to the workshops developed in various areas of the Museum.

May 27th: it ends with the event dedicated to "Sloth" the exhibition "women's deadly sins" promoted by O.N.Da and realized in partnership with the Museum. The last meeting saw the protagonists Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, Antonio Carioti, Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, Oliviero Toscani.

June 5th -6th: the Museum hosts the 15th edition of the famous night challenge 500 km, organized by the Vespa Club Milan, which for the first time started from the city center. Before leaving, the motor scooters attending the event took part in timed challenges around the S-506 Enrico Tot submarine. In occasion of the challenge, the Museum has exhibited some historic vehicles from its own collection for the entire weekend , such as the Vespa Siluro model, designed by Corradino D'Ascanio.

June 21st: summer camps at the Museum for the second year, a unique opportunity to live unforgettable adventures: five days with activities in interactive labs, thematic games and amusing visits of the historic collections, to discover to what extent science and technology are to be found behind everyday life.

July 12th –August 29th: exhibition on Street Art "The form of networks" in the cloister of the Museum, in which the Museum and the Stradedarts Association collaborate with the writers to give shape to the concept of network and to tell how this relates to individuals. In occasion of the inauguration there was a 24-hours’ marathon job, to create a huge graffiti in the 16th century's cloister of the Museum.

July 14th -15th: the event with Milanesiana is newly proposed, with a remarkable contribution from the Museum to the celebration devoted to Literature, Music, Cinema and Science. The Museum takes part in the events “the paradox of time” at dal Verme Theatre and “Can you number the stars in the sky?” at the Museum.

September 19th - October 16th: the celebrations for the centenary of the Flight over the Alps and "Geo" Chavez. In this occasion the original fragment from the wing of the Bleriot XI is exhibited for the first time, and there is a narration to grasp the sense and the features of the venture made by the young French-Peruvian pilot . Amomg the exhibitd objects, it is also possible to see the hand-glider used by Angelo D'Arrigo in 2004, that flew over 8900 meters without motor.

September 23th - November 14th: the Museum presents the exhibition "Mankind", the first photo exhibition devoted to the great photographer and journalist Gianni Giansanti, who has recounted thirty years of international history, with the supervision of Chiara Mariani e Ada Masella.

September 25th:Open Day at the Museum: visitors can engage with a rich program of activities in interactive labs, visits in historic collections, theatre performances and science theatre. Teachers can meet the curators, the staff in charge of the interactive i. labs, and the entire staff responsible for the interactive labs, alongside wit the whole Educational Department, to discover educational pathways in historic collections, activities in labs and projects for the new school year.

October 3rd -17th: the Museum takes part in the 8th edition of BergamoScienza, with two itineraries related to Nanotechnologies.

October 16th: for the World Food Day 2010 'United against hunger' promoted by FAO the Museum hosts a special event in the i.lab Nutrition, where some experts meet and carry out interactive activities to explore topics related to agriculture, food production, nutrition and aware choice of food.

October 19th: the Museum hosts the Frecce Tricolori Italian air force acrobatic team, that celebrate 50 years of acrobatic activity in the skies all over the world. The 12 pilots of the Pattuglia team talked about their work experience and about the value of belonging to a team like the Frecce Tricolori one.

October 24th – November 5th : after the success of the marathon and the exhibition "The Form of the Networks", Street Art is back to the Museum's spaces with the project Walls of Fame: the wall of the Museum that gives to via Olona is left to the hand of KayOne, historic Milanese graffiti artist. Passers-by had the chance to follow the making of his work of art, with the title INTEGRATION, and to follow on the Museum's website the progression of the work with a picture every day.

October 31st: end of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the largest Universal Exhibition ever realized, with over 260 partakers and 70 millions visitors. The Museum was invited by the Shanghai National Museum to supervise the Leonardo section and the Ideal city in Renaissance within the large exhibition Ideal City in the Urban Footprints Pavilion. read more

November 6th - 7th: an entire weekend long, the Museum hosts a workshop devoted to graffiti writing with the title MUSTart, in which a group of writers guided by KayOne and Tawa address the public to talk about the techniques used in graffiti writing , the origin of their pseudonyms, the design of the tags, the importance of the crews, the tools, the shops, the names of the past.

November 7th: the Museum organizes the meeting, realized in cooperation with ESA, with Paolo Nespoli, the first Italian astronaut taking part to a long-duration mission on board the International Space Station (ISS).

December 7th - 8th: during the St. Ambrose's holiday and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Museum celebrates 5 years of the opening to the public of the Enrico Toti Submarine, donated by the Navy, with many special activities designed for grown-ups and children. The two days of celebration were preceded by numerous on-line initiatives, on social networks and on the website, which allowed may "Museum's friends" to take part in amusing quizzes and tests, and to win the numerous prizes.



January- June: the collaboration between the Museum and O.N.Da carries on (National Observatory for Women's Health) with a set of conferences organized to promote the psycho-physical health of women.

January 21st: the General Director of the Museum, Fiorenzo Galli, takes part in TEDx Trieste in the context of the conference "Space for successful ideas and experiences which deserve to be circulated and shared to change the world".

February 13th: in occasion of the St. Valentine's Day the Museum extraordinarily exhibits the painting 'I Fidanzati' (The Betrothed)by Silvestro Lega, one of the main works belonging to Guido Rossi's Collection, vivid artistic evidence of pre-industrial Italy.

March-December: in occasion of the celebrations for the Italian Unity, the Museum proposes a special itinerary through inventions, technologies, researches, discoveries, industrial rand enterprising realities, that changed the way of living and knowing the world during the last 150 years.

March 11th - 12th: the Museum hosts the event "Meet the researcher: sun and water to produce Energy" together with the researchers of the ENI - Donegani Institute of Novara, the public has carried out numerous activities in the labs, discovering how chemistry and nanotechnologies can produce clean energy from sun and water.

March 18th – 19th – 20th: the Museum hosts the Trick Animation Film Festival, three days and nights entirely devoted to the animation cinema and the exploration of its most innovative techniques.

March 27th: in occasion of the water world day 2011 the Museum hosts a Sunday rich in initiatives: the special itinerary "Water as a resource", interactive activities in the i.lab Nutrition and in the i.lab Soap Bubbles, and the performance The incredible adventures of Accadueò.

April 12th: 50 years after the first human experience in space, meeting at the Museum with the American astronaut Ronnie Walter Cunningham and with the Russian cosmonaut Valeryi Ivanovich Tokarev.

April 13th: the new section devoted to Chemical Industry opens to the public, in partnership with Federchimica – Assobase.

May 3rd: event "Meet the Media Guru" at the Museum: Jane McGonigal, expert in game design and network, is o ne of the key figures of the Institute for the Future.

May: special exhibition at the Museum "Vespa and Lambretta" 12 historic vehicles on display, to discover the history of the two most famous scooters in the world.

June: exhibition in the Museum's Air and Water Transport of the Leone di Caprera, the schooner built in 1880 in Montevideo by a group of Italian Uruguay immigrants, impressed by Garibaldi's ventures in South America and Italy.

June 9th: the Museum hosts the event "Leonardesque 2", during which the review that Gadda wrote for the Leonardesque Exhibition that took place in 1939 in Milan is proposed again, a prologue to the birth of the current National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci. >

September: the Ford Model T of 1926 is on display at the Museum in occasion of the exhibition "Democratizing Technology". The interactive exhibition that illustrates how Ford makes technology accessible to all.

September: exhibition at the Museum "10:100" to tell through 100 posters about the last 10 years of activity at the Museum.

September 17th -18th: new event of Night at the Museum. Fascinating stories and exciting experiments are revealed in the dark.

September 20th –November 20th: exhibited at the Museum the "Democratizing Technology". The interactive exhibition tells the story on how Ford made technology accessible for all"; it reveals the backstage of the technology on four wheels.

September 24th: the Museum presents the new season of activities to visitors, journalists and teachers with the Open Day 2011.

September 24th: opening of the new display at the Museum "Open packaging" that focuses on the technological topics concerning the realization and use of the packaging.

October 6th: the Museum hosts the conference "Nanotechnologies and health" to talk about the right rules for an efficient and shared governance of the sector, from research to consumers.

October 8th -9th: in occasion of the 8th edition of the Archaeology National Days, the Museum organizes guided visits to the archaeological heritage present inside it.

October 16th: opening of the interactive exhibition for kids and families "Bon Appetit! Nutrition in every sense".

October 20th: opening of the exhibition "The young face of Lombardy's agriculture" promoted by the Lombardy Region – General Direction for Agriculture that talks about agriculture and the strategic role that the domain plays for the development of the territory.

October 24th: Icom Italy donates to the Museum the Fredi Drugman's archive.

October 29th: the Museum wins the "ICOM Italy Prize – Museums of the year 2011" for the category best project in public – private partnership with the i.lab Nutrition.

November 12th: opening of the interactive exhibition "Eureka! Archimedes' great inventions" devoted to the inventions of the Syracuse-born scientist.

November 15th: presentation of the first biography of Guido Ucelli di Nemi, founder of the Museum, introduced through the theatre performance "Chronicle of a Museum".

November 25th: opening of the exhibition "Story of a bite. Steve Jobs and the revolution of an idea" to discover the fundamental stages that marked the life of the Apple company and of its charismatic leader.

December 15th: the Museum and UGIS –Scientific Journalists Italian Union, present the LEONARDO – UGIS Prize, 1st edition 2011.

December 20th: round table conference at the Museum "The strange world of LHC" for the first time 5 Italians together, leading the main experiments of the huge machine in Geneva.



22nd January: on the occasion of the exhibition "PIXAR – 25 years of animation" on display at the Contemporary Art Pavilion of Milan, the Museum in partnership with Meet The Media Guru and the Il Sole 24 newspaper organizes a special day devoted to the world of animation and a trail between tradition and innovation, to discover and experiment first-hand the stop-motion technique, the pixilation, the traditional animation for animated cartoons, to the most modern techniques, such as digital animation.

21st -22nd January: exceptional exhibition of the racing car Bisiluro DaMolNar, a unique model, the result of surprising experimentations on aerodynamics, built on purpose for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955 and normally not visible for the public.

27th January – 26th February: the exhibition realized in cooperation with the Museum "Polaroid: easy art?" to celebrate the Polaroid camera. 130 fine art prints of Polaroid pictures, realized by 89 artists and photographers from 12 different countries.

March- October: continuation of the two years’ project "In Milan with Carlo Emilio Gadda” with a series of scenic readings, meetings, workshops in cooperation with seven institutions of the city, in places with a high symbolic value which marked Gadda’s Milanese season or which were a source of inspiration.

10th – 18th March: special exhibition of 13 historic vehicles to go over again, from the 10’s decade of the 20th century, the history of the most used means of transport of the city: the scooter. The different models on display allow to rediscover the main stages of the Vespa and Lambretta manufacturing, and of the two enterprises that made their success possible.

21st March: The Museum and Fondazione IBM Italia present LeonardoAround, the iPhone and iPad application to discover and explore Leonardo da Vinci’s places in Milan.

23rd March: The Museum hosts the Il Digital Economy Forum, which gathers experts in the digital field from America, Italy and Europe, entrepreneurs, marketing directors and CTO with the purpose of exchanging new ideas on how digital technologies, on-line platforms and the open flow of information can help start-ups and companies to grow, reach new markets and produce innovation.

31st March: The Museum, in the international Year of sustainable energy for everyone, with the partnership of the Environment Ministry, launches a new exhibiting section devoted to the Energy system in the modernized interactive lab (i.lab) Energy & Environment.

15th April: the Museum celebrates "Happy Birthday Leonardo" for the 560th anniversary of the Master from Vinci. A day of special events, such as the new trail "Leonardo and his drawings” in the interactive lab and the amusing theatre performance "Everyday life on a building site at Leonardo’s time".

17th -22th April: The Museum takes part in the Design Week with MOST, one of the most important events of the Fuori Salone Fair. MOST presents inside the spaces of the Museum not only the latest proposals with regard to decoration and design, but also a schedule full of conferences, workshops and activities.

May: il Museo per la prima volta lancia e promuove la campagna "Ci aiuti a non perdere la memoria?" per ampliare le proprie collezioni con oggetti significativi per la storia recente della tecnologia. Attraverso il sito www.museoscienza.org promuove la donazione da parte di cittadini di computer, stampanti, accessori a marchio Apple. Questa operazione mira a stimolare il contributo di tutta la collettività per preservare il patrimonio tecnico-scientifico contemporaneo per le generazioni future. entra

16th May: the Museum tells the story of its collections with a day to learn more, with the title "Art reveals itself ". On this occasion the painting "Portrait of the Mediator Giani" by Giuseppe Pellizza is presented, after the conservation action realized thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona.

1st June: Open Night at the Museum with an extraordinary opening at night time.

2nd June: concert "A Stradivarius for the people" with a special performance by Matteo Fedeli with the valuable Antonio Stradivari violin from 1726.

18th June – 13th July: for the first time at the Museum kids between 11 and 14 years old can take part in campus specifically designed for them, with the chance of living a week of “Science and sport”, alternating physical activity to discovering the scientific laws behind every sport action. The campus was realized in cooperation with the Regional Committee CONI for Lombardy.

23rd June: An exemplar of the very famous Enigma, the ciphering machine which Turing helped to “crack”, is put into action at the Museum, and there is also the inauguration of a temporary exhibition devoted to the history of automatic calculus “Technologies that count”.

30th June– 15th July: On occasion of the 25th International Gathering for Vespa’s historic Register on July 7th and 8th, the Museum proposes an extraordinary exhibition devoted to the famous Italian scooter. Besides the most important facts about the Piaggio manufacturing , visitors also had the chance to admire some rare models, such as the pedal Vespa 50 or the Vespa sidecar and Vespa Torpedo designed by Corradino D’Ascanio.

25th September – 11th November: the Museum hosts the Assassin's Creed Art (R)Evolution exhibition, devoted to the famous videogame. On display pictures, video clips, installations, interactive installations and historic models by Leonardo.

September 28th : the Museum hosts a free night opening for the Open Night and the for the Researchers’ Night event, in which young researchers and experts are engaged in a series of meetings to discover the frontiers of scientific and technological innovation.

October 1st – 7th : On occasion of the astronomy week the Museum organizes "Asking about the Moon”, seven days of meetings with experts, live broadcastings from research centers, interactive activities to earn more about the Universe.

October 23rd : the Museum inaugurates the historic and interactive exhibition "Leonard de Vinci, projets, dessins, machines", in Paris at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, designed in the context of the cemented relationships between the National Museum of Science and Technology and Universcience.

October 25th -27th : for the first time in Europe the Museum hosts a workshop on Tinkering addressed to Museum staff, offered by the Exploratorium of San Francisco.

December 1st: the exhibition "Carlo Erba. Innovation in the pharmaceutical sector – The fascinating story that transformed a profession" designed and created by the Museum. The display, retracting the history of Carlo Erba and his company, takes visitors on a trip through some of the fundamental stages of Italian pharmaceutical industry and the milestones of the role of the pharmacist to date.

December 3rd : The second edition of the UGIS award at the Museum intended to raise awareness within society about young researchers and the importance of an appropriate scientific information.

December 1st – 9th : the Museum celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Fire Department in Milan, with an exhibition of historic tools and equipment, fun activities for children and demonstrations of intervention and highly specialized rescue.

December 15th -16th : the Museum hosts the event "Asking about the Moon", the second edition of a rich program of events devoted to astronomy and space, to salute important scientific goals, directly presented by their protagonists. The Museum establishes a connection with Paolo Bellutta, pilot of Curiosity on the red planet, from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


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