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Fab Food.The factory of Italian taste.

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Fab Food is a journey revealing the present and future challenges of sustainable food. It’s an emotional tour of the food chain which offers the visitors to Expo 2015 a unique experience combining creativity and scientific precision Fab Food reaches out to a young audience with games and activities. It is divided into 10 sections, where the visitors are encouraged to discover and learn all about Italian food culture and its related topics .

The project, curated by the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, is a 900 square meter exhibition on two levels, inside the Italian Pavilion. Exhibits offer fun but accurate contents to illustrate the complexities and connections of the Italian agro-food.
10 interactive and highly emotional spaces designed especially for young people, schools and families, along with the international audience.

From one carousel to the next, we will be the heroes of this food adventure, taking on the global challenges of food safety and food security and trying out first-hand what it means to work daily to improve the nutritional status of the planet. Observation, exploration, experimentation – this is what Fab Food is all about.

It’s a visit which turns immediately into a life experience: a backdrop of light, colour, sound and sensation guides us from one attraction to the other. It brings all of our senses into play and makes us plunge us headlong into the Italian taste factory, where we can savour remarkable flavours so much envied by the rest of the world. ) Fab Food. The factory of Italian taste is more than just an exhibition – it’s an event that examines the important issue of our food chain in an innovative, engaging and surprising manner. An absolute must for all visitors to Expo 2015.

The aim is to introduce visitors to the role played by industry and technologies in environment care, management of resources, food safety, and production of quality, affordable and sufficient food for all. The project was also made possible by the collaboration of 10 associations: Federchimica Federalimentare Soul, Assolombarda, Acimit, Anie, Assica, Assocomaplast, FederUnacoma and UCIMU-Production systems. The exhibition has the patronage of the President of the Republic and the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.


The first space takes visitors on a journey through the senses.
Stop motion video projections and animated dishes characteristic of our country are immersed in the sounds of conviviality. Because the food is first of all an emotion.
Visitors are asked: "What is the food of your dreams?" They may respond by choosing it from the "Jukebox wishes" that will produce a sticker to keep until the end of the tour.

The exhibit "Feeding the Planet" is a large collaborative exhibit that engages visitors to face the problems and possible solutions related to the theme of Expo: feeding 9 billion people by 2050.
The challenge is to balance actions and resources by all of the actors involved in the food chain: institutions, industry, universities, schools, consumers and modern distribution.

Visitor then play the role of farmers interacting with a “roll-the-ball” exhibit that helps them understand the efficient and sustainable phases of growth in food production.
The exhibit " Safety first" is a gaming experience where the visitor rearranges the sequence of processing, transformation, storage, packaging of products. Only if all phases are carried out in the right order will food be processed safely. It is what the Italian food system companies work on to guarantee consumers through compliance with specific rules and ad hoc controls.

But has it always been like that?
A visual installation presents stories about food and life styles by different full-size characters from the 1900s.

Deforming mirrors help visitors reflect on how our eating habits influence our bodies and our health.

The screens in the “Recepies of innovation” space present, through graphic narratives, the contribution that each of the Confindustria associations gives to the efficient and sustainable development of our food chain, to answer the global future challenges.


At the end of the exhibition, barcode readers scan the barcodes on the stickers and give visitors some curios and interesting facts on the food and drinks that they have chosen through the jukeboxes at the beginning of the exhibition.


Pictures by @lorenzadaverio

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From May 1 to October 31, 2015



EXPO 2015
Italian Pavilion



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