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Some Prizes


For the second consecutive year the Museum is among the 20 most visited museums in Lombardy and Italy (Touring Club Italiano research). All the “Novonordisk Media Prize Italia” award the Museum receives the “August and Marie Krogh” Medal for the video "Who does it and who knows it?" on the themes of biotechnologies as an action for the cultural and social promotion of health. The Museum, in the person of its General Director Fiorenzo Galli, receives the "Premio Scientifico Capo d’Orlando" for Museum Management.


Federculture awarded the "Premio Cultura di Gestione" (Management Culture Prize) to the Museum; in the Management Policy and Cultural Heritage Improvement category - for transport and museum presentation of the Toti Submarine. The www.museoscienza.org site won the Web Osc@r award in the museum category for the third consecutive year.


At the European Best Event Awards, the "Progetto Toti" (Toti Project) won as the year’s best public event and gained second place overall in Europe only coming after the Turin Olympics.


The Museum was listed among the 50 most innovative companies in the tertiary sector (Manageritalia research). In addition it was the only museum institution listed in the "Topbrands business to business" volume.


The Italian President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi awarded the Museum with the “Diploma di Medaglia d’Oro” (Gold Medal Diploma) for merit in the scholastic, cultural and artistic fields.