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The Transformers created by Montenegrin artist Danilo Baletić peacefully invade the National Museum of Science and Technology. These gigantic creations are inspired by the famous Transformers, alien robots that can disguise themselves by transforming into vehicles. First stop of a world tour, the exhibition Transformers Art promoted by Baha Fine Art, will be visible to the public of the Museum. The majestic sculptures are made with materials recovered from landfills, with the intent to draw attention to the issue of waste as a resource.
For the Museum it is a new opportunity to get involved in bringing their space exhibit that makes the experience of visiting the most curious and original. Danilo Baletić’s transformers stimulate the attention and imagination surrounding many of the topics presented by the Museum: from sustainability to robotics, from the man-machine relationship to the creative reuse of materials.
After Milan, the Transformers Art project will travel to London and later move from Europe to Asia via the United States.

Danilo Baletic

Born in Titograd in 1992, Danilo is currently a student of the arts faculty at UDG (University of Donja Gorica). He obtained the title of Balkan and European Karate champion. Being a fan of comics and Counter-Strike, he developed a strong interest and liking for toys which transform from cars into warriors as in the famous series Transformers. In 2012, Danilo created his first Transformer out of metal waste. Over the years he has produced a total of ten giant robots. Another five are currently under construction. Among these is Megatron - the tallest statue ever built by a living artist.

Baha Fine Art

Baha Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Vienna, Austria.
Baha Fine Art represents exclusively the artist Danilo Baletić and is the curator of The Transformers Art travelling exhibition. Baha Fine Art promotes this project believing strongly that environmental education should improve our environmental sensitivity, our attitudes and moral reasoning.
Baha Fine Art was established in 2010 by Christian Baha, who performed in the movie Transformer III, Dark Side of the Moon, in 2011.