The Museum’s new institutional communication campaign

We have always shared with our visitors a passion for the past, we are deeply committed in today’s world and we contribute to building the future.
This is our mission and the concept that we intend to develop in this one-year long campaign. At the centre are visitors with their own individual approach towards activities,objects, spaces and events.
We have always worked to make every experience unforgettable and now we ask everyone to share this with us and with those they care for.
It’s a real call to action: come to the museum and choose what you like best, be inspired, test yourself and let your friends, your boyfriend, your teacher, your grandmother, your fans know how you “feel”...
“Share your experience” is a multi-subject and multimedia campaign, in which we provide our visitors with all our communication tools, traditional and not.
On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, using the hashtag #Museoscienza, we want our collections, activities, spaces and stories to be told through the eyes, thoughts, emotions and reflections of visitors, the real stars that every day infuse life in the Museum.

Join our campaign

It's your turn to share your experience!!
To become a testimonial of our campaign, take a video-selfie or a picture inside the Museum and share your impressions, thoughts, ideas and memories with whoever you want.
Post your video or picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram o Youtube using the hashtag #Museoscienza, and you will join the heart of our campaign. It will be you telling us about your experience.

Our "ambassadors"

For the kick-off of the campaign, we asked our Facebook fans and our mailing list subscribers to give us a hand. 150 responded to our call and some of these have already become “ambassadors” of the Museum. Girls and boys, adults and children, Italians and foreigners, experts and amateurs.
After visiting our collections or participating in our lab activities there are those who said they wanted to “dream like Leonardo”, “become an astronaut to go to Mars” or “understand by experimenting”. They are all reflections emerging from personal experiences that relate to the way we perceive our own future, to the relationship that each of us has with technology, with our daily lives, with the contemporary or historical context in which we are immersed.

It is a campaign open to all and deliberately “under construction” because it gains voice and body thanks to the contribution of our visitors through social channels and over time.

Since our opening, we have always served as a bridge between past and future, tradition and innovation, memory and dream.
“The museum is alive, for all, open to all”, wrote Guido Ucelli di Nemi, the founder of the Museum.
“Science is culture,” says today our Director General Fiorenzo Galli.
We believe in the unity of culture, and we are at the service of the community, in dialogue with society.
The Museum is a spark that triggers change, It invites you to think about a future that does not yet exist, that we can build together.

“Share your experience” is a special occasion to continue to build relationships and “produce culture”.


"Share the experience? #Museoscienza" is a communication campaign designed and implemented by the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci.

Photo campaign Lorenza Daverio

Video produced by Rossofilm
Directed by Armando Trivellini