The first submarine built in Italy
after WWII.


The Enrico Toti was the first submarine built in Italy after WWII.
The Toti submarine class includes three other twin boats: Attilio Bagnolini (S-505), Enrico Dandolo (S-513), and Lazzaro Mocenigo (S-514). Their construction responds to the need of the North Atlantic Treaty to monitor - during the years of the Cold War - the arrival of the Soviet nuclear submarines in the Mediterranean.
The main task of S-506 was to identify and track the presence of submarines in transit through the Strait of Sicily.
For many years - thanks to its small size - it was one of the most difficult vessels to detect with electronic equipment such as sonar.
The construction of the Enrico Toti began in the Summer of 1965 at Italcantieri (now Fincantieri) in Monfalcone.
Launched on March 12, 1967, it was handed over to the Italian Navy in January 1968. In 1997 it made the last in-service trip, escorted by the new class of submarines Sauro.
Officially expelled in 1999, it was donated by the Navy to the Museum.


Length 46,2 metres
Width 4,75 metres
Height 8.36 metres
Displacement 536 tons at surface - 593 underwater
Speed 9.6 knots at surface - 14 underwater
Propulsion 1 electric motor of 900 hp
2 diesel generators of 540 hp each
Crew 4 officers and 22 Sub-officers, Sub-chiefs and Seaman
Armament 4 torpedo tubes to 533 mm in the bow


S-506 Enrico Toti Submarine displayed next to the Rail Transport Building.
You can buy a separate ticket to get on board with a guided tour (in Italian only).


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Each guided tour inside the Toti submarine hosts a maximum of 7 people.
There are external stair to access and to leave the submarine.
On the inside, the submarine has narrow passages and high steps.
Structural barriers inhibit the access of visitors on wheelchairs, visitors with mobility difficulties, visitors who feel uncomfortable in closed or small spaces.
For these same reasons we cannot allow on board:
- Children aged under 3;
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Visually impaired visitors are welcome to visit the submarine, yet they are advised to contact or +39 (0)2 48555 330 prior to their visit in order to allow Museum staff to prepare a suitable tour.
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During the guided tour visitors must wear the safety helmet provided by the tour guide.

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