Saluti di Carlo Sangalli - Presidente Camera di Commercio Milano

4-6 giugno 2009

Milan, host city for Ecsite Conference 2009, is well-known as one of the main metropolis in Europe and the economic capital of Italy. At the same time, it is a huge laboratory too, a mix of innovative enterprises, creative ideas and international encounters.

In Milan 15 thousands technological companies are based, composing the widest local area of innovative firms in Italy. Such an advanced productive engine works thanks to a key fuel, made of technological and scientific knowledge, several topranked cultural institutions, widespread vocation for innovation. This is, in other words, a soft fuel becoming more and more pivotal for the competitiveness of our area.

Public institutions, as the Chamber of Commerce of Milan which I represent, have the important task of setting the different excellences of this cultural network into a synergic system. Moreover, it is up to the public sphere to help the growth and development of this large amount of activities dedicated to research, conservation and spread of our cultural capital, the so-called added value of an advanced metropolitan center.

This is why the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, a public institution committed to local economic development, and many excellent cultural institutions of this area work side by side, through a strong collaboration which involves, at first, the important Museum greeting you today.

Besides, the cooperation among influential public and top private institutions has to be done with regard to our common past, that has never be apart from innovation, at least since Leonardo da Vinci. And the same cooperation is a grant to pay for our future as an economy, a town, a community.

Carlo Sangalli
Presidente Camera di Commercio Milano



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