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Le forze, l' equilibrio e il movimento
Created by: Rebecca Pessina_ scuola San Giuseppe classe 3a

3,39 / 5 (average rating)

fenomeni chimici,fenomeni fisici......
la chimica

Created by: Viviana Messa istituto San Giuseppe Milano

3,36 / 5 (average rating)

Rispondi, ma senza fulminarti

Created by: Chiara Signorello 3° A-ISG

3,36 / 5 (average rating)

La cura del cancro
Quali sono le principali terapie in uso per i tumori? Scopri quanto ne sai attraverso questo test sulla cura del cancro.

Created by: Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro

3,33 / 5 (average rating)

Le leggi di Mr.Mendel
se non sapete chi bocca al lupo!

Created by: Sabrina Rizzardi Orlandi

3,30 / 5 (average rating)

Water Power
deepen in knowledges in new forms of producing energy

Created by: Camelia, Nikolaos, Olga, Raffaella

3,23 / 5 (average rating)

Ecological footprint
A questionnaire made by students

Created by: Etienne Bolmont-Bélanger Rémi - Mariucci Frédéric

3,20 / 5 (average rating)

Tu e l'energia. Come la usi? Come la potresti usare?

Created by: Picossě

3,14 / 5 (average rating)

Is your school bike friendly?
Using the bike to get to school is healthy AND good for the environment.

Created by: Jef Van Den Bosch

3,11 / 5 (average rating)

Healthy Lifestyle Quiz
A short test to find out how healthy you are

Created by: Clio Heslop

3,11 / 5 (average rating)

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