Health, Energy, Climate change. Are you tested? Can you test?

Climate change, Energy Health

Water Power

deepen in knowledges in new forms of producing energy
Age: 30-59

1. What can create energy

Sun, wind, oil, nuclear but not water
Sun, wind, oil, nuclear and also water
lots of sources including water
only water

2. Which are the sciences which are involved in creating energy

Theoretical studies, e.s. philosophy and literature
physics, chemistry, biology
electrical engineering, physics, geology, chemistry

3. where can you find ideas and exhibitions about energy sources

only in particular dedicated museums
books, magazines, newspapers, web, tv, and museums
walking around and especially at a supermarket
school and university

4. do you think all forms of energy are renewable

some of them are renewable, others are not
only energy from the sun is renewable

5. what is a limpet model

a model of mollusc
a mollusc and the name of a hydro power station
a mathematical model
an atomic model