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Are you an innovator?

How do you solve problems? Are you good at inventing things? And can you turn your inventions into innovations? Test yourself and see if you match one of our profiles.
Age: 14-19

1. How do you face problems?

I hope someone else will solve them.
I try to solve them, but sometimes I don’t know where to start.
I often come up with creative solutions.

2. Do you solve problems alone?

Sometimes I talk to other people, but I get uncomfortable if they disagree with my solutions.
Always, I prefer to solve things by myself.
I usually like to solve problems together with other people: we all have different points of view that can contribute to the solution.

3. To solve new problems, do you think of things and ideas that have already been invented?

I often use existing solutions as a source of inspiration for solving new problems.
Sometimes I solve a new problem by using old solutions and ideas.
If a problem hasn’t been solved yet, it probably means that there is no solution.

4. Do you turn ideas into practice?

I try to adapt my ideas to common sense, but often there are too many variables to consider.
When I solve a problem I prefer to go wild with my imagination and not be restricted by “practicalities”.
I always try and “resize” and “reshape” my ideas so that they can be actually turned into something doable.

5. Do you “sell” your ideas?

I get people to test out my solutions for themselves: someone may find a way to improve them.
I never do, if I had a good idea for solving a problem I keep it to myself.
I try and convince people that my solution is the best one, as I worked so hard on it…