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Energy saving quiz

Das Quiz gibt Tipps, wie man Energie sparen kann
Age: 30-59

1. Take a shower or take a bath: taking every day a 10 minutes shower,

means emitting 100 kg CO2 per year
means emitting 560 kg CO2 per year
means emitting 850 kg CO2 per year

2. Airing a room is necessary to exchange exhausted air.Intermittent ventilation saves more energy than continous ventilation. What is intermittent ventilation?

to keep the window open a little bit for the whole day
to open the windows fully for 5-10 minutes and get a good air draft
give a kick to the exhausted air in order to blow it out of the room

3. Many electrical devices have a stand-by-modus. A TV set on stand-by consumes up to 100 kWh/a. You can save money (and CO2 emission) by switching it off. How much money is it per year, calculationg with 20 cent per 1 kWh?


4. TV sets, radios, PCs, light are often running with out beeing needed. Estimate how many powerplants could be closed down in Germany without that unnecessary energy consumption


5. Electrical devices are rated into enrgy classes according to their energy consumption. What tells the Energy classification Label:

G means the devices are economical and consume little electrical energy
A means the devices use the applied energy best
E,F,G means the devices waste energy

6. Filament bulb or energy saving lamp (ESL) ? How much can you save with a ESL compared to a bulb of the same electric power?

20 percent
40 percent
60 percent
80 percent

7. A living room in winter usually is heated to 20 oC. How much heating energy is necessary to increase the temperature to 21 oC?

1 percent
3 percent
6 percent
12 percent