Salute, energia, cambiamenti climatici. Sei testato? Sai testare?

Climate change, Energy Health

Ecological footprint

A questionnaire made by students
Età autore: 11-13anni

1. When did your home have has built? What kind of home is it?

House before 1988
House after 1988
Studio flat

2. How is it insulated?

Glas wool
No insulation
I don't know!

3. How many TV or computer screens to you have?

4 or more

4. What kind of light bulbs do you mainly use?

Halogen lamps
Low energy lamps
LED lamps

5. Do you let your devices' sidelights on?

I switch them all off
I switch some off
I never switch them off

6. How do you warm your home?

Heating oil
Geothermal power

7. How much time do you spend playing game console?

No time, I don't have a console
1 h
2 h
3 h
4h or more

8. Do you use your car everyday to cover …?

Less than 5 km
5 to 10 km
10 to 50 km
50 km or more

9. What means of transport do you use to go on holidays?

By car
By train
By plane
You don't go on holidays

10. What means of transport do you use to go to school?

By foot
By bus
By bicycle
By car
By motorbike

11. Where from do your vegetables come?

From my garden
From a local biofarmer
From a supermarket
From many countries in Europe or in the world

12. How many drinks do you buy when shopping?

Less than 3 bottles
from 3 to 6 bottles
from 6 to 10 bottles
more than 10 bottles

13. How do you drink water?

With a filtering jug
from the tap
from a bottle

14. How many times do you eat meat?

Less than 3 times a week
between 3 to 5 times a week
once a day
Several times a day

15. Do you sort out your household waste?

I don't pay any attention to the sorting of my waste
I pay some attention to the sorting (glass, plastic…)
I pay much attention to the sorting (glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, compost…)

16. How many dustbin bags do you take out a week?

I take out 1 bag a week
I take out 3 bags a week
I take out 5 bags a week

17. What do you make with fruit or vegetable you don't eat?

You put them in a compost
You throw them
You give them to your pet