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a test to value your knowledge of the problems related to waste
Age: 30-59

1. 1. You're on a beautiful, but very dirty beach and, moreover, there are no baskets for rubbish. You've finished eating a snack and you don't know where to put the casing:

 You put the paper in a place where there are already some rubbish … one more one less ….
 You put it in your bag: You’ll throw it away later, when you will find the first trash
 You put the paper under a rock, so it is hidden and the wind will not make it fly around
 You collect in a bag, in addition to yours, litter and waste more noticeable on the beach, to throw it away later

2. Your hair dryer is out of order and you have to buy a new one. What do you make with the old one?

You bring it to the appliance store: it is required by law to collect the old when you sell a new one
You put it into dustbin with mixed waste
You put it into the container for the recovery of plastics, because the outside is made of plastic
You bring it in the centre for the separate collection and enter in the specific container for electrical and electronic equipment

3. You are in the perfumery department of the supermarket and you must purchase a bubble bath.

With same quality of the content you choose a small pack because it is more easy, easy to handle and, running out more quickly, there is less risk of deterioration
You choose a big pack because, despite being cumbersome, is cheaper
You choose a recharge for a container that you already own
You choose the one with the nicest pack

4. Do You always make separate collection of glass, paper, plastics and cans?

Only when the container for separate collection is handy
All the time
Never: anyway they will go all together in landfill
Only when I'm at home: on holiday I don't wish to complicate my life

5. For a garden party You choose:

Plastic dishes: disposable, comfortable and hygienic
Ceramic plates, then there's the dishwasher
Disposable dishes in mater bi (with corn starch), more easily biodegradable
Decorated paper plates to put into the container for the collection of paper

6. You're 's moving and your old mattress is so hardscrabble that you decide to buy a new one, then

You roll it up and then put it near the box for municipal waste: the insiders will collect during normal collection
You put it in your car and bring it to the nearest separate collection centre, then you enter it in the bulky waste container
You look for information about the service offered in the city for this type of waste, and act accordingly
You let it in the old apartment, maybe someone else can use it

7. Don’t belong to the category of WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment)

cells and batteries
old appliances to delete
old bicycles
fluorescent tubes and fluorescent light sources

8. Plastic bottles should be:

Put as such in containers for plastic recycling because this will facilitates the subsequent selection operation
Emptied of any residue and crushed before being placed in special containers for separate collection
Put into the container for the collection of municipal mixed waste
Put in a road trash

9. You like DIY: what you make of containers of paint, thinner and, more generally, of containers which have symbols T (toxic) or F (flammable)?

You take information about the service offered by the city for this type of waste and act accordingly
You put them in your car and bring them to the nearest separate collection centre.
You put it in the container for cans
You put it in the container for mixed waste

10. In which of the following statements can you best recognize yourself ?

I always make very carefully separate collection of refuse
If I make separate collection, but are one of the few to do it because entire countries don't do, it doesn’t worth
I try to separate, but is so inconvenient to have all those containers at home!
Separate collection is important, and I make it better, but to solve the problem of waste we have to act also in a different way, producing less: then, e.g., try to choose products with less packaging