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First edition of the course
8-13 november 2004
Deutsches Museum Munich, Germany

The European In-service training course School and science museum: cooperation for improving teaching, learning and discover is aimed at primary school teachers and at museum educators.

The objective of the course is the development of knowledge and competences relative to science education through the use of museums as educational resource. The first edition of the course will take place at Deutsches Museum of Munich from 8 to 13 November 2004, while the second edition will take place at the National Natural History Museum in Budapest in 2005 (date still to confirm).

The course will be held by a group of experts from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary Italy and Spain specialising in museum education, science education, teacher training, research and evaluation, new technologies, etc.
The course consists of lectures, round tables, museum visits, interactive workshops and practical activities. The language of the course will be English but the materials used will be available in different languages.

How to participate
To the course can participate primary school teachers and museum educators who are citizens of the countries-participants to the Socrates programme. Both teachers and museum educators interested have the right to apply for funding of the expenses of the course through Comenius o Grundtvig grants.

The course is inserted in the catalogue of the Socrates Comenius/Grundtvig training courses for 2003-2004, which can be found at with the title School and Science Museum: A Cooperation to improve teaching, learning and discovery (DE-2004-030).

The teachers and museum educators interested in participating can:

Find information about the procedures for applying at the websites of the Socrates National Agency
of their own country;

  - the Socrates National Agency of their own country;
- Maria Xanthoudaki, SMEC project coordinator, at the National Museum of Science and Technology ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ at tel 02.48555.424 or;
- Ms Traudel Weber at the Deutches Museum;

The course participation fee is 600 Euros (cancellation fee 100 Euros).

The maximum Comenius/Grundtvig grant given by the NAs is 1500 Euros, amount that can be used for covering the course fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Deadline for applying for grants:
Comenius 2.2 grants (for school teachers): 1 March 2004
Grundtvig 3 grants (for museum educators): 31 July 2004

The National Agencies usually confirm grants to applicants within the summer of 2004.

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