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Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen, BE
Department Ierarenopleinding Heilig
Graf Patersstraat 26, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium

contact person:
Jef Van den Bosch
tel. +32.14.214305, fax +32.14.224394

The Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen is a fusion of all the colleges in the Flemish region Kempen i.e., schools of engineering, social sciences, bio-medical sciences, agricultural sciences, informatics, economics, nursing and teaching. The campuses of the KHK are in Geel, Turnhout, Lier and Vorselaar which are all in a radius of 20 km of the main-campus in Geel. The KHK represents almost 6.500 students, which makes KHK number 3 among Flemish colleges.

The Department Heilig Graf is an old-established institution with a teaching history of almost 350 years. The female monastery of the ‘Heilig Graf’ was involved for centuries in girls’ education and owned his own teachers school in Turnhout.

The teaching department is a modern part of the KHK and has an autonomous status to the monastary. 650 students – male and female - choose between curricula on primary school (6-12), secondary school (13-15), physical education and art.