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Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart, BE
Druivenstraat 18, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium

contact person:
Filip Cremers
tel. +32.14.415621, fax +32.14.414324

This is the ‘museum of playing-cards’, a public institution hosting collections of playing-cards from 1700-onwards made for world-wide distribution, a unique collection of printing presses and finishing machines (17th-20th century), a steam-engine (1896), archives and a reference library.

Its mission is to collect, conserve, study, exhibit and educate about objects regarding the history, use and production of playing-cards, mainly printed in Turnhout and the historical Low Countries during the industrial age (18th century onwards).

The museum services include: temporary exhibitions, workshops for demonstrations (i.e. printing techniques), lectures, trading sessions (collectors), publications, and educational activities for children etc. Through its activities the museum aims to stimulate a more active way of visiting by its public.

It also aims to develop children’s interactive learning and enjoyment in the field of scientific, technological and cultural evolution in printing techniques.