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Deutsches Museum München, DE
Department of Programmes, Museumsinsel 1,
80538 München, Germany

contact person:
Traudel Weber
tel. +49.89.2179462, fax +49.89.2179273

The Deutsches Museum München is one of the biggest museums devoted to technology and natural sciences in the world with more than 55.000 square meters of exhibition space, 40 departments and approximately 1.4 million visitors annually. It shows and explains the evolution of technology and science from the early beginnings to present times. The unique collection of originals (historical and modern) on display are supplemented by interactive experiments, films and mltimedia.

The Deutsches Museum houses also a large library and extended archives of documents and pictures, a research institute for the history of technology and science and the Kerschensteiner College, offering education and training for students, teachers and museum staff.

The education department of the museum also offers organised programs for pupils of 8-12 years, consisting of group work using the collections and with the help of a specialised educator, and of hands-on activities giving the children the opportunity to get in touch with scientific phenomena. Moreover, the museum publishes educational materials for teachers and educators focusing on the preparation of a museum visit; on the enhancement of their knowledge in science (e.g. the booklet Sun, Moon and Stars); and on offering their the tools for doing experiments (e.g. Easy experiments of physics). For the development of such material the museum collaborates with the main Bavarian intitution of Teacher Continuing and Professional Development in Dillingen.