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Institut Universitaire de Formation
des Maîtres de Lorraine, FR
IUFM De Lorraine, 5 rue Paul Richard, 54320 Maxeville, France

contact person:
Patricia Bertaux
tel. +33.3.83176895, fax +33.3.83176869

The IUFM de Lorraine is a training institution linked with the Universities of Nancy and Metz. It works in training of primary and secondary teachers, both initial and in-service, in all subjects as well as in research in Education.

It has four sites, one in the main town of each département of the region (Nancy, Metz, Epinal, Bar-le-Duc) and therefore provides for all schools in this area (although the two latter sites do not do secondary teacher training).

It has also established contacts with schools in the area for reasons of teaching practice as part of the courses.