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IRRE Lombardia
Istituto Regionale di Ricerca Educativa
, IT
via Leone XIII 10, 20145 Milano, Italy

contact person:
Roberto Ceriani
tel. +39.02.4380021, fax. +39.02.48193229

IRRE Lombardia is a public regional instituton, an agency of the Italian National Ministry of Education, founded to promote and support educational practices, training of educational staff and research in the region of Lombardia. Institutions like IRRE (formerly IRRSAE) are established in all Italian regions.

IRRE Lombardia in particular is involved in teacher training, European projects in the field of education and schooling, educational research, adult and continuous education, support of school teaching and curriculum planning.

It is located in Milano, the capital of Lombardia, and provides for 1300 schools (both primary and secondary).