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In the context of the SMEC project objectives each partner of the project has initiated collaboration with a number of schools in their country, which constitutes the basis for the study and promotion of school-museum relationship, for the experimentation of educational methodologies, and for the development of the project activities and products.

During first phase of this collaboration (school year 2002-2003) school teachers and museum educators devised and carried out educational projects stimulated by the museum visit, collections and activities.

The central common theme of all projects across the eight countries of SMEC has been "Movement", explored in different ways and through diverse museum collections and objects relating to the movement of machines, the human body, water, birds and animals, etc.

Information about the school projects can be found in this page. All schools collaborating with the project submit a short description of the work done at school and in the museum, encouraging this way exchange of experience and expertise and dissemination of ideas and activities. Contact information is also provided in order for any interested school or professional to access more details about the projects by contacting the school directly.

For more information about the work done with schools in each partner country contact Sara Calcagnini at the Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci": or any of the project partners (contact details can be found in the page "contacts").

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